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Eric Landfried



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     Ten years after a brutal war, cannibals and humans fight over the pieces of a hardscrabble existence. Former Navy SEAL Doyle has been prowling the broken remnants of a devastated America for years. Alone in an armored bus loaded with weapons and supplies, he’s grateful for his solitude. Being alone makes it easier to survive, as others can become liabilities. But when a vicious cannibal attack leaves Doyle in need of fuel and repairs, he has no choice but to venture into the nearest settlement.

     Jonathan has been pastoring a small church in that same settlement, and when he meets Doyle, he sees an opportunity to expand his ministry. Cannibals have kept everyone from traveling, but Doyle’s armored transport brings hope to Jonathan and his church. The two men strike a mutually beneficial bargain, but neither of them realizes this journey will change them both in ways they could never have imagined as Doyle’s unbelief collides with Jonathan’s faith.

      As they look to establish churches in other settlements, they battle cannibals, militant atheists, and a mysterious super soldier with dark secrets. Solitary Man is a gritty, action-packed post-apocalyptic story with a solid, Biblical worldview.

     Available Now.

     In this sequel to Solitary Man, Doyle wants to know what’s on the other side of the fence.

    Determined to discover the truth, Doyle sets out on what he believes is a lonely quest, only to find out along the way that God is still at work, and there are still people who believe in Him.

    While Doyle struggles with his new faith in Christ, he has his eyes opened to the darkness of this world and learns to set his sights on heavenly things while fighting the evils that threaten the people and world that he loves. And along the way, Doyle might finally solve the conflict in his soul and find that he does need others after all.

      Available now

     Seven authors, seven stories, one universe.

     Check out "Rookie," Eric's contribution to this anthology.

     PFC Kalen Richardson's sharpshooting skills have earned him a spot on a team tracking the elusive rogue cleric, Alger Mander, to an alien jungle planet. Inexperienced and insecure, Kalen wonders how he, a barely trained rookie, can be of any help in a team of battle-hardened soldiers, unaware of all the twists and turns awaiting him.

     E-book only release, available at Amazon.



       Eric Landfried was thirteen years old when he realized he was a writer. Once he had this realization, he grabbed a spiral notebook and began filling it with all the stories bumping around in his head. He was young and inexperienced, and therefore terrible, but the ideas kept coming and he kept improving as a writer. As a shy and withdrawn kid living in West Virginia, writing became the best outlet to express himself, and he exploited it as much as he could.


       As an adult, he wrote less frequently, usually due to his procrastinating nature, but the ideas never went away. Many of them are still with him, waiting for him to introduce them to the world.

       He now lives in New Hampshire with his wife Kristen and his son Nathan. He is excited to begin a new chapter in his life that involves doing something He's always loved. There's never been a moment that he felt like he wasn't a writer, but the journey of a writer is often discouraging more than it is encouraging. This means Eric is eternally grateful for this opportunity to share his thoughts and ideas with you. He is grateful for your interest and support.



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